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Fun Things to Do: Dads’ Rainy Day Survival Guide

Fun things to do
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

All too often, bad weather equals bored kids – avoid restless children with FQ’s list of fun things to do when it rains.

Don’t sit at the window moping about a lost day of exploration. Not that you could do that, not with your children screaming and throwing things and jumping on you from impossible angles. Don’t lock yourself away, more like. And don’t! We’ve got you covered.

  1. Have an Indoor Treasure Hunt

Turn the house into a whole world of discovery by hiding treasure throughout all the rooms.

You could even set up a pillow fort ‘base camp’ from which your little adventurers can journey into the (un)known.

  1. Make a TV Show or Music Video

This should be interesting. You can either operate the recording equipm-– phone (there are plenty of apps that will help with the editing) or take your turn as a star.

Help your kids plan out a story, scout out the best locations in the house, and pick the song that will make the final product as funny as possible, then watch the magic happen.

  1. Make a Collage

Fun things to do

The results may be slightly distressing.

More than just a fun thing to do, this is a fantastic chance for your kids to reflect on things and express their feelings.

Help them to print-off and cut out their favourite pictures and glue them together onto a big sheet of coloured paper. The collage you’ll end up with is perfect to put up on the wall.

  1. Discover Aliens in Blow Paintings

There’s something out there. Yes, and there’s something in here, too. And that ‘something’ keeps saying ‘I’m bored!’.

This is bad. Grab what’s to hand (so long as its paper, straws, paint and water). Water down the paints a bit on the paper, give the ‘something’ a straw, and stand back.

Reappear with some stick-on googly-eyes (to go on the painting, not your child) and look: a real alien!

Before too long, you’ll find yourself in an art museum fighting the urge to shout ‘My three-year-old could do that!’.

  1. Organise a Tea Party

This can be as prim and proper or mad-hatterish as you and your children desire.

  • First, design and create invitations for all the toys that simply must attend.
  • Then, make some dainty sandwiches and appropriate beverages. (Stick out that little finger!)
  • After that, sort out your hair and dress up in all your most magical clothes ready for the opening catwalk you somehow agreed to.
  • Finally, and most importantly, find out that you weren’t invited.

Maybe next time, dad. You’re going to have to find your own fun things to do for today. If you want to tempt your kids back, why don’t you …

  1. Get out a cardboard box.

And see what happens.

Fun things to do

There’s nothing inside. Except for everything.