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Exploring the Ups and Downs of Crypto Casinos

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

As the world becomes more digitised, it’s no surprise that the online gambling industry will eventually follow suit.

One aspect of this shift is the emergence of crypto casinos, which allow players to gamble using various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are many potential benefits to gambling with cryptocurrency and many grey areas surrounding the emergence of crypto casinos. 

As time goes on however, and as crypto currencies become more and more relevant in daily life, it is highly likely that crypto currencies will take over the gambling industry. With more people looking for a guide to popular online casinos to get into gambling for fun, here’s a guide to understanding Crypto Casinos. 

The Benefits and Risks of Crypto Casinos

On the one hand, crypto casinos offer a level of anonymity and security that traditional online casinos may not. Transactions are decentralised and abstracted from authorities. This means that there is greater anonymity in transactions between the player and the casino. Money can also be transacted quicker in a crypto setting, with no need for a bank to process the movement of winnings and betting funds. 

Funds are most definitely safer in crypto wallets also, being fully encrypted and therefore harder to exploit. A much better option than using a card, banknotes or coins. Although it is worth noting that the use of e-wallets is not exclusive to crypto currencies; in a crypto wallet, funds, as mentioned above, have no authority placed upon them and therefore have much less risk of being tampered with.

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So why does the growth of the crypto casino seem to be slowing down? Well, there are a few different reasons. There are several grey areas surrounding gambling with crypto currency, with it being a relatively new development in the industry that isn’t necessarily allowed or prohibited by laws and regulations. On a basic level, however, there simply is a shortage of games on the market that offer gambling with crypto currency options. Players are more likely to stick with providers they know are high quality and offer large prizes such as Wowpot games and progressive jackpots. It is also worth noting that crypto currency is yet to be fully integrated into sports betting. If this integration ever does happen, expect to see a huge increase in gambling using cryptocurrencies. 

Also investing into crypto currency in the current climate is incredibly risky. With the market of crypto currency being incredibly volatile at the moment, gamblers are less likely to gamble with money they have to constantly check the value of. Winnings in crypto currencies could go from massive to minuscule within a day as a result of a crash on the market. This adds an extra set of risks on top of what is already a game of chance. 

The Future Of The Crypto Casino 

So what does the future hold for crypto casinos? It is difficult to say for sure, but it seems that the growth of these types of casinos may be slowing down due to the current instability of the cryptocurrency markets. However, as they eventually become more stable expect to see more and more casinos offering the option to gamble with cryptocurrencies. 

There is a lot of testing to be done to see how the use of crypto currencies can affect gambling behaviour. Will a gambler be more or less averse to risk if their currency is worth a lot or little as they are gambling? Will the threat of an imminent market crash mean a gambler is more likely to cash out after winning big? Only time will tell, but it is likely these questions will be answered in the near future. One thing is for certain however, expect to see cryptocurrency become increasingly relevant to daily lives, with the life of the gambler being no exception.

In conclusion, crypto casinos offer a unique and potentially lucrative option for online gambling, but it’s important for players to be aware of the risks and to approach them with caution. As with gambling in any form a player should be fully aware of the highly addictive nature of the games they play in and should quit when they start to feel the game is becoming less fun. Gambling is best done in moderation and when a player is fully aware of their actions. If you are suffering from any stage of gambling addiction remember there are always places where you can get help.

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