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The Revolutionary Shoft

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

A potentially revolutionary gadget in the fight against back pain, the Shoft serves to improve the form and function of your seatbelt. Applicable to all ages, it may just change your car experience.

First impressions

The Shoft’s main purpose is to help prevent bad posture that comes from sitting down incorrectly in your car and with its small size, you can be forgiven for being sceptical. Easy to install, it actually takes no time to install as you fit it over the seat belt tongue and it’s diminuitive design means space is certainly not an issue.

Marketed as ‘your seat belt’s best friend’, its capabilities are more impressive and efficient than you’d first think. Not only is it great for posture, it also makes the journey a lot more comfortable – of course the Shoft will not work immediately, but within a number of trips in the car there will be noticeable changes and you will be able to relax during increasingly enjoyable journeys.

Back pain is a common complaint amongst new dads, whether it’s carrying your baby around or just packing away a heavy stroller in the boot, so a nifty little gadget like the Shoft will come as welcome relief.


It works through a built-in brake pad made of GRIPtene, which engages the seat belt when you buckle up, removing the slack when pulling the diagonal section of the seat belt. Slack can usually have negative consequences such as slouching, as people tend to slip down from their seat belts. Not only does the Shoft prevent this, it also keeps the tension on the lap belt portion of the seat belt instead of ending up on the stomach, which can compromise safety. 

The reliability of the device is particularly impressive, as even when going down descents, where you’re more likely to slip down your seat, it guarantees a fixed position. The product is also perfect for when you are chauffering around the kids, as they tend to fidget and move around a lot, but the Shoft will maintain a safe position and keep their seat belt in the right place, giving parents peace of mind. 

In terms of installation, it is easy to install and take out, you can move it around each car seat and even between cars, meaning your journey can be safe and comfortable no matter where you are. The back-pain industry is full of products that do not deliver when we need them, so it’s nice to see the Shoft has also been tested and approved by both osteopaths and physiotherapists, 

FQ Verdict

An innovative device that may go a long way in helping to reduce bad posture whilst simultaneously increasing safety, it is a useful product to have around the car and there is no doubt it’s ideal for parents. 

Very practical; Small size; adaptability; Easy installation; Comfortable; Useful for the whole family. Durability over time untested.


BRAND: Shoft

AGE RANGE: All ages


PRICE: Shoft retails at £35 but during it’s time on Crowdfunder, it will be retailing at £25. If you sign up on the website: for the free eBook that the inventor has co written with physiotherapist Nell Mead, you will automatically receive an email to alert you when it launches on Crowdfunder.


The Shoft is now live on crowdfunder!