This will help you curb food cravings (says science)

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

An award-winning weight management product is backed by science to help you curb your food cravings… 

Anyone who has tried (and failed) to lose weight will know that it is no mean feat. Restrictive diets can lead to a diet-overeat or diet-binge cycle. And since your body is programmed to prevent you from starving, it responds to overly restrictive diets by slowing your metabolism, making it even harder to lose weight.

But being overweight is a risk factor for many chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and cancer, as well as a number of musculoskeletal disorders. So doing nothing about those extra pounds is a risky option.

Granted medical device status

With that in mind, SlimBiome® (the key ingredient in the GoFigure diet range) is an award-winning, clinically proven weight management product that has been granted medical device status and CE mark. Independent clinical studies showed that consumers who took SlimBiome® felt fuller and less hungry, experienced reduced food cravings and changed their food choices to eat fewer sweet and fatty foods.

SlimBiome®contains prebiotic fibres, which increase microbial diversity.  An increase in the diversity of microbes in the gut has been shown to help people lose weight more quickly and, most importantly, to sustain their weight loss. SlimBiome® also contains a fibre that promotes a feeling of fullness and reduces post-meal blood sugar surges, plus a mineral that helps to maintain a healthy metabolic rate.

Independent consumer surveys have shown that 100 per cent of customers who used GoFigure®products lost weight, on average two to three pounds per week. But most importantly they experienced a relief from hunger pangs, leading to easier and more successful dieting.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

GoFigure user James Hunt said: “I started using the GoFigure shakes and bars a couple of months ago. I go to the gym regularly, and didn’t really feel like I needed to lose a lot of weight, but I did want to control my cravings and eat more healthily. I work in an office and it can be very easy to fall into unhealthy eating habits and end up eating cake and biscuits during the day.

I immediately noticed that I wasn’t feeling as hungry during the day after starting the GoFigure shake regime. Usually at work I will get the ‘post-lunch slump’, where I feel groggy and tired in the afternoon, but when using the GoFigure products I don’t seem to get that at all. I also find myself walking past the office cake and biscuits without feeling tempted. It is great not to have to rely on my own self-control to resist unhealthy food!

I found it very easy to get through the day using the shakes and bars and never felt hungry, despite going to the gym. I am going to continue to use the GoFigure products to help me to control my cravings and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

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