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How to Turbocharge Your Daily Commute

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Millions of us have to endure the rush hour commute every morning and evening.

Whether you’re taking the car or using public transport, getting to work and back can be a stressful experience. You’ll want to arrive at the workplace in good spirits, rather than stressed out, so here are some ways you can speed up your daily commute.

Listen to Music

There are countless benefits associated with listening to music. Whether you’re a pop lover, rock fanatic, or jazz is more to your liking, sticking your headphones in and putting on your favourite tunes will get your day off to a great start. If you’re taking a bus or train, make sure you don’t put your music on too loud in your ears! For those behind the steering wheel, you can crank your volume up and sing along during your commute.

Find a Podcast

Podcasts have become increasingly popular in recent years (and for good reason). As you’re listening to what’s being said, rather than seeing things on a screen, this forces you to use your imagination and build pictures in your mind. Podcasts cover just about every topic imaginable, so if you’re after a bit of humour, want to listen to an interview, or wish to get stuck into scripted fiction, you’re sure to find a podcast that will make the time go quicker.

Play a Game

Just about all of us own a smartphone these days. If you’re using public transport and have a long commute ahead, why not play a fun game to pass the time? For online casino lovers, you can play at the best online slot sites, or if you’re into video games, you can download an app on your smartphone and immerse yourself in a virtual world until you reach your stop. There are also plenty of games that will test your knowledge, get your brain thinking and help you be more productive once you arrive at work.

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Read a Book

For those who dread being on a crowded bus or train, pulling a book out of your rucksack and losing yourself in the pages can be another great way to speed up your commute. Regular reading improves brain connectivity, reduces stress, and fights depression symptoms. Whether you’re a lover of romance, or you like thrillers that grip you, a good book can make the daily commute that little less painful.

Ride a Bicycle

Driving to work in busy traffic or being on public transport sandwiched between other commuters may not be for you. If you like keeping fit and don’t live too far away from work, why not ride a bicycle instead? Not only can you take in great scenery along the way, but you’ll also be full of energy and stamina to get stuck into your workload. If you’re about to go back to the office and dread the idea of commuting again, there are lots of things you can do to pass the time and arrive at work full of energy and ready to tackle anything.

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