Simon Newton on his three go-to clothing items

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Professional bodyguard Simon Newton talks us through his favourite clothing pieces as well as offering fashion advice.

If you’re thinking of freshening up your wardrobe, or looking for a completely new style altogether, UK bodyguard and actor Simon Newton provides a little fashion advice for dads as well as telling us some of his favourites items to wear.

Baseball hats

Hats are super-versatile and pair easily with everything. Whether you’re running to the shops, headed to the gym, or just having a bad hair day. Newton adds, “I pair a hat with anything and literally wear it all the time, especially paired with trainers.”

Simon newton caps

Vivienne Westood button-down shirts

A button-down shirt is perfect for any occasion. It can be dressed up with a smart jacket and trousers. Or pair it with jeans and trainers for a more casual look. Great no matter what the weather, as you can choose from half-sleeves, long-sleeves, corduroy material or flannels. There’s a button-down shirt for any occasion.

Newton says, “I would usually wear this with black jeans, or maybe grey. Vivienne Westwood is one of my favourite go-to brands when it comes to shirts – I like the small details such as the buttons around the collar and the fit.” Check out Vivienne Westwood shirts here.

Simon Newton shirt

Gucci black belt

Belts are an essential item to anyone’s wardrobe. They are more than just functional items to hold your trousers up – they can be a fashion accessory, too. Classic black is an absolute must have. It will match with any outfit and can be either very fancy or more chill.

The classic black belt is another favourite of Simon’s. He chooses to pair it with anything casual and his go-to belt is the Gucci black belt to complete his everyday look.

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