King’s Coronation – Top Trumps

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Looking for a fun game for a party or a way to teach the kids about monarchs past and present? Then add Top Trumps to your coronation weekend!

Top Trumps is the UK’s no.1 card game and has been around for almost 50 years. There are hundreds of titles of Top Trumps from Dinosaurs to Disney and Skyscrapers to Harry Potter and now… Kings & Queens Top Trumps.

The coronation of a new King (6 May 2023) of the United Kingdom is a perfect time to learn about the fascinating, inspirational, controversial, turbulent and sometimes terrifying history of the monarchy of the British Isles.

This pack of Top Trumps takes you on a journey from ancient kings of Saxon times, to seminal Tudor decisions, the rise and fall of royal figures, and the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Find out about their children, the length of time they held on the throne, their hunger for military machinations, and the age they survived to.

The game features memorable monarchs from throughout the ages, like Queen Victoria, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and many more, now’s the perfect opportunity to brush up on your dates and battles, and uncover precisely how the throne has endured a myriad of historical moments.

Whether you’re rooting for Richard III or cheering on Charles I, there can only be one Top Trump, so shuffle your deck and get started.

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