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Brighten your mood with these 5 self-help hacks

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Try these five methods for a quick pick-me-up if you feel you need one.

Have you been feeling low lately, or just not yourself? If so, there are a few self-help hacks that could really lift your mood.

A relaxing bath

A nice, warm bath can be just the thing to do if you’re feeling down. Baths are known to relax and soothe the mind and body. Pick your favourite bubble bath and add bath salts or essential oils. Finally, light some candles to create a relaxing scent. Then all that’s left to do is soak your troubles away.

DIY mask

There are tons of options for making a face mask at home. Often with ingredients you probably have hanging around your kitchen. Things like turmeric, avocados, honey, olive oil and even coconut oil will have your skin looking brand new and instantly put you in a better mood.

Spa day

If you feel like you need something more than a DIY mask though, make a day out of it. Book a relaxing massage or facial at the spa. Treat yourself to an array of facials, massages, or mud baths that are sure to lighten your mood. Spend the day pampering yourself or even bring a friend along.

Go for a walk

Sometimes a bit of fresh air does the trick. Take a walk around your neighbourhood. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, there are tons of gorgeous paths around the UK, that will help you clear your mind.

Talk to someone        

Often, people feel afraid or too self-conscious to talk about their problems out loud. But this just might be the thing you need to start feeling better. Sometimes just talking out loud helps put your problems in perspective. More times than not your family or friends have solutions to help you. Even if all you’re looking for is someone to listen to you. Additionally, speaking to a professional could be helpful. Remember, there’s no shame in turning to others for help and support.