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Consider the corduroy: how to wear it right

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Despite its sometimes unfair, ‘dweeby’ tag, we look at corduroy and why it should be part of every dad’s wardrobe.

Corduroy is undeniably a fine way to chuck in some texture to your wardrobe. The ribbed, velvety fabric has a unique vintage feel to it and provides stylish versatility, from the slack and casual look to the ultra sharp.

However, it’s reputation has often been confined to the walls of starch staffrooms (along with elbow pads) and general outmoded fashion. But what with 70s-inspired clothing flapping back into the mainstream, there is a lot of style to be wrung out of corduroy.

With that in mind, we’ve highlighted three ways to wear it correctly along with a few items to set you on your way.

Long-sleeve shirt

Dickies Arthurdale Duck Brown corduroy long-sleeve shirt, £70

A corduroy shirt makes for refreshing change from the 99 per cent of people donning a cotton one. Think of it as more casual than smart or formal – its added thickness means you shouldn’t be tucking it in at all. They’re often a relaxed fit, so are perfect for throwing over a t-shirt on a Sunday trip to the pub for a family roast.

Dickies Arthurdale corduroy shirt is a superb example of how to get cord right. Also, the bold tan (or Duck Brown) colour is heavily in vogue at the minute and pairs well with blue denim jeans.

£70 from


SPOKE fawn corduroy bottoms, £99

Desist from wearing denim jeans every now and then and go for a pair of corduroy bottoms. A word of warning though: you must aim for the right fit otherwise you’re in serious trouble of looking like a baggy-legged, jaded geography teacher. Stick with slim and tapered and you’ll come out the other side looking good.

SPOKE has come up with a pair of fawn cords that feel exceptionally light and soft. You also have to go through a handful of questions on your personal fit when ordering a pair, which is then finished to order to give you a bespoke fit.

£99 from


Hugo Boss slim fit corduroy suit, £480

Though corduroy is available in an array of colours, earthy to blue tones are the way to go when looking for a suit. And ideally, if you’re after a non-geeky smart look, you should pick out a subtle slim wale corduroy (wale is the distinctive ‘rib’ of fabric), also know as needlecord.

Did you ever think you could go full on corduroy to the office and not be ? Hugo Boss’s slim fit corduroy suit answers that question with a classy “yes”.

£480 from