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A guide to black boxes: an all-ages car insurance

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Find out why using a black box could reduce the cost of your car insurance.

Having a black box installed is perhaps one of the easiest ways of decreasing your car insurance premium, but there is a common misconception that it’s only for young drivers. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can get a black box, particularly if your insurance is a little higher than you would have expected.

For the most part, people who get black box insurance will have just started driving, which is why their insurance without it is so high – but it’s not something that should be disregarded once you’re out of your teens. Insurance companies such as WiseDriving provide black box insurance for all ages, so for lower prices and extra protection against claims, it’s worth looking into.

Personalised pricing

The point of a black box is to prove that you’re a safe driver, and as a result, you’ll pay less for your insurance with the policy. Your insurer will be able to track your driving through GPS and you’ll receive feedback on how you’re driving. Instead of a price based on statistics, your price will be personalised, which often makes it substantially cheaper.

Those most likely to benefit from a black box include:

  • Young drivers
  • Those who don’t drive often and have a low annual mileage (usually below 8,000).
  • Older drivers who want to show that they’re safe to drive.

In fact, the trend for black box insurance is growing even more for older drivers, but anyone can opt for a black box to decrease their insurance premium.

Working for all ages, more people are picking a black box when insuring their vehicle, particularly those who are more careful, only drive during the day and low mileage drivers. If you’re more sensible, you’ll be able to get a discount, even more so if you’re not driving very often. If you often drive in the day, that’s going to make a difference, because night time driving is considered riskier, so if you don’t go out in the dark, you’ll save some money.

No better way

According to This is Money, studies show that drivers who have a black box will drive carefully, which ultimately gets them a cheaper insurance premium. With most insurance companies putting your history or driving experience as high risk, there is no better way to prove that you’re a safe driver than having a black box. In fact, it’s not just insurance fees that it helps you on.

Insurance Edge previously reported that a black box policyholder was required to pay £8,000 for a claim where another party accused them of being involved in an accident and fleeing. However, upon receiving the data from the black box, it was found that the policyholder was parked and stationary at the time of the crash.

Whether you’re looking for help to lower your insurance premium or if you want to be extra cautious regarding claims, a black box is ideal for all ages. There are countless positives to having a black box, particularly if you’re a driver who is safe, doesn’t speed and drives during the day.

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