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New Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Now the Maserati Trofeo Collection is truly complete. Following on from the debut of the Levante, the Quattroporte also makes its appearance in a Trofeo version, the top of the range with regards to luxury and performance. 

Along with the Ghibli Trofeo, the Quattroporte Trofeo sits at the pinnacle of Maserati’s line-up in terms of package and performance. A powerful twin turbo V8 lump combined with a restyled, carbon finished exterior and an interior wrapped in “Pieno Fiore” leather bring the Quattroporte into a new dimension – even faster, but still elegant and safe. 

The V8 engine offers almost boundless energy and sporty brilliance. In fact, with the Trofeo version, the Quattroporte and the Ghibli become the fastest Trident saloons ever. Achieving new peaks in terms of top speed, the Quattroporte Trofeo surges to 202mph, while 0-62mph can be done in just 4.5 seconds. 

Driving Dynamics

All the clout of the renewed 580hp 3.8-litre powerhouse is transferred to the rear rubbers, giving you the buzz of rear-wheel drive. The Quattroporte also features an Integrated Vehicle Control (IVC) system for enhanced driving dynamics, greater active safety and even more thrilling performance. This maximises the car’s handling in the most demanding situations. The transmission is the eight-speed ZF automatic unit, acclaimed for its versatility and athletic character, with the specific calibration required for the boost in engine performance.

What’s more, Maserati has boosted driving pleasure even higher by adding the “Corsa” mode – a dream come true if you’re a performance purist. “Corsa” is selected using the central console buttons, and is offered alongside the existing Normal, I.C.E. and Sport settings. Activating the “Corsa” mode, you immediately feel an eager engine response and hear the unique Maserati soundtrack flow through the wide open exhaust valves. The new “Corsa” mode delivers even faster gear shifting than Sport, together with a more ground-hugging air damper set-up.

With this sportiest setting activated, the intervention of the Traction Control and ESP systems is restrained for maximum driving enjoyment. Combined with “Corsa” mode, this trim also introduces “Launch Control. The function enables you to safely apply full throttle to see the engine rpm climb up. As soon as you release the brakes, the Trofeo takes off at full speed.

Refinement and Tech

As with all 2021 Maseratis, the rear light clusters have been redesigned in a new style known as boomerang design, inspired by many Maserati models from history. To emphasise the boomerang shape, the clusters have been produced with a  state-of-the-art 3K injection moulding technology, thanks to which the unit has been given a  three-colour lens: black around the edge, red in the middle and clear in the bottom section. In addition, the Quattroporte Trofeo is fitted with Orione 21-inch forged aluminium wheels. The high-performance brake callipers are available in red, blue, black and silver colours.  

Inside, a wealth of features creates an environment of pure refinement. The five-up cabin is rich in luxurious details that underline the car’s sporty personality without sacrificing sophistication. For example, there’s a new central clock with exclusive graphics, and the central zone of the dashboard contains a large high-resolution display with a multi-touch function.

As for smartphone charging, there’s now a wireless charger in the central console. As well as wirelessly charging your device, you can share smartphone apps with the multimedia system by activating the mirroring function, giving access to Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

Aim High

So, if you’re feeling extravagant (expect to pay over £127,000 for a brand new Quattroporte Trofeo), then we heartily recommend you go for this mountain of a motor. Seriously, throughout Maserati’s history, the Quattroporte is one of the Italian firm’s icons and boasts a global fan base. You won’t go far wrong if you purchase one – and, let’s face it, if this pandemic’s shown us anything, shouldn’t we realise our aspirations when we can?

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