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Porsche Taycan GTS Review

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The automotive industry is undergoing a seismic shift as the world becomes more conscious of the impact of climate change, writes Tim Barnes-Clay.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming less unusual on our roads, and many motor manufacturers are now investing in EV technology. 

One company that has taken the lead in this transition is Porsche, the renowned German automaker. Porsche has always been known for its luxury sports cars, but it has taken its legacy to a different level by creating high-performance electric vehicles, such as the Taycan.

The Porsche Taycan is a remarkable electric sports car that sets a new benchmark for the industry. The vehicle, driven in GTS saloon format here, is a testament to Porsche’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. 

The Taycan GTS saloon is an exceptional vehicle that combines eco-friendliness, impressive performance, luxurious style, and advanced technology. It is an ideal car to take on the open road or commute to work, making it a first-rate choice for anyone who desires a high-performance electric vehicle that is ‘green’ and stylish.

The Taycan GTS, then, is a stunning four-door electric sports car with a sleek and aerodynamic design. The car’s low-slung body, broad wings, and prominent front grille are all part of Porsche’s signature design language, which is evident in all its vehicles. The Taycan GTS’ exterior design is aesthetically pleasing and functional, as it features lightweight construction that makes for an outstanding driving experience.

Under the bonnet, the Taycan GTS has a dual-motor setup that produces 590 horses. This allows the Porsche to woosh from zero to 62 mph in an eyeball-sucking 3.7 seconds and on to 155 mph. The Taycan also has a range of 313 miles – but more like around 280 real-world miles on a charged-up battery, which is more than enough for most UK drivers.

The interior of the German-made car is equally impressive. The cabin is spacious and luxurious, with high-end materials and finishes. The seats are comfy and supportive, with ample legroom for both front and rear passengers. The dashboard features a sleek, minimalist design, with a large central touchscreen display that controls most of the car’s functions. The Taycan GTS saloon also comes with features, including a premium sound system and climate control.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Taycan is its handling. The car is incredibly agile and responsive, with precise steering – and excellent grip, thanks, in part, to all-wheel drive. The Taycan GTS saloon also features Porsche’s Active Suspension Management system, which adapts to real-time road conditions to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. The car’s regenerative braking system also helps improve handling, allowing the vehicle to slow down quickly and smoothly.

Safety is a top priority for Porsche. Therefore, the Taycan GTS has advanced features that keep you and your passengers as protected as possible. These include lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and a 360-degree camera system. The car also features a range of airbags and other safety systems, which have been rigorously tested to ensure maximum protection should a collision happen.

So, if it hasn’t sunk in yet, let me remind you that the Taycan is an environmentally friendly vehicle that produces zero emissions during operation. This makes the sports car a much better choice for the planet than traditional petrol-powered vehicles. The Taycan also has various charging options, allowing you to charge your vehicle at home, work, or a public charging station.

Furthermore, the Taycan GTS saloon offers various customisation options. You can select from multiple exterior and interior colours and optional features. This allows you to create a sports car that is unique and personalised to your taste.

Another key advantage of the Taycan GTS is its advanced technology, some of which I’ve alluded to already. The car features cutting-edge features, including a digital instrument cluster, voice recognition, and many connectivity options. Thanks to the Porsche Connect app, you can also control various aspects of the vehicle using your smartphone.

The Taycan is not just a car but a symbol of Porsche’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. The vehicle is a testament to Porsche’s dedication to creating high-performance cars that are also eco-friendly. The Taycan is an important step forward in the industry’s transition to electric vehicles, and Porsche is leading the way.

So, the Taycan GTS saloon is not only a great car to drive but also an excellent investment. The car’s value is likely to appreciate over time as it becomes increasingly rare and sought after. 

In conclusion, the Porsche Taycan GTS is an exceptional electric vehicle that is redefining industry standards. It is an ideal sports car to take on the open road or commute to work. The saloon’s sleek design, powerful performance, premium interior, and advanced features make it a top buy if you demand the best in electrified performance and luxury.

Moreover, the new Porsche Taycan models announced in February (2024) offer even more power, more extended range, quicker acceleration and charge faster with greater stability. The designers in the Style Porsche studio have also sharpened the lines and, most notably, added stronger differentiation to the Turbo models. All Taycan versions offer extensive standard equipment and feature the latest generation of the Porsche Driver Experience in the cockpit with an enhanced display and control concept.

All three familiar body styles are available from the date of launch – the Taycan sports saloon, the versatile Taycan Cross Turismo (which is available with a rough road package for adventures off the beaten track) and the sporting-yet-practical Taycan Sport Turismo. Four powertrain options are available in each case, with rear and all-wheel drive. The new models arrive at Porsche Centres later in the spring.

Fast Facts – Porsche Taycan GTS, as tested:

  • Max speed: 155 mph
  • 0-62 mph: 3.7 secs
  • Electric Range: 313 miles
  • Battery/Motor: 93.4kWh/2x e-motor
  • Max. power (PS): 590
  • CO2: 0 g/km
  • Price from: £110,200 On the Road.

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