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The company that offers equal parental leave

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

A multinational drinks company is set to offer equal parental leave for both its female and male employees.

According to reports published by ITV today, Diageo will offer equal parental leave. The multinational drinks company has made the decision to offer 52 weeks’ leave, with the first 26 weeks at full pay.

This shows tremendous progress for the UK. Currently, new fathers are entitled to a minimum of two weeks’ statutory paid leave under existing UK law.

Not Scandinavia

However, the UK remains behind Scandinavian countries, who have showed exemplary systems for families. In Denmark, parents have the opportunity to split 32 weeks in addition to 18 weeks of maternity leave. While Sweden offers fathers 90 paid paternity days reserved just for them. In Norway, a father can take up to 10 weeks off depending on their wife’s income. Moreover, Norwegian parents can receive an additional 56 weeks of parental leave at 80 per cent of their incomes.

More equality needed

Diageo has made an impactful decision by offering its male and female workers parental leave. The company, whose brands include Guinness and Johnnie Walker, said in ITV’s report that the new policy was part of its bid to create a “fully inclusive and diverse workforce” where talent is retained and nurtured.

ITV’s article reports that research published last year suggests less than 10 per cent of employers offer more than the statutory period. This is an alarming number as parental leave contributes to a healthy family lifestyle.

Dove published research showing six benefits of paternity leave including improved confidence in caring, improved relationships between the parents, a happy father altogether,an incredible experience and a tremendous contribution to the mother’s well- being.