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What’s trending this week

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Welcome back! We’ve rounded up the biggest trending stories across the web this week, covering everything from Extinction Rebellion to toilet training.

Extinction Rebellion strikes again…

This environmental campaign group took a stand not so long ago with a die-in at the British Natural History Museum. Right on schedule with their “Autumn Uprising” they took to protesting in central London. Police state around 280 arrests have been made so far.

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Joker is more than unsettling…

Joker hit cinemas last Friday This film is no standard origin film, but rather a gritty and most definitely accurate depiction of the struggles that mental health victims suffer. Many viewers have described feeling uncomfortable watching the film due to just how much it mirrors real life today. In the film, we see the Joker, played by Joaquin Phoenix, lose his health care support due to funding issues. Additionally, we see the gap between the rich and the poor grow larger.

This film portrays these issues in such a way that viewers can almost sympathise with the Joker and understand his reasonings for going so mad. However some viewers have petitioned the film to be taken out of cinemas, stating that it incites violence. You’ll have to watch the film and decide for yourself.

How realistic is flexible working for dads?

John Adams of Dad Blog UK discusses this topic in his latest blog post. This trending topic of balancing work-life with parenting is something that parents across the globe can relate to. Check out his full story here.

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What this dad learned during toilet training…

Toilet training is a constantly trending topic online. Stuart Hood of Father Hood has detailed what his first two weeks of toilet training were like. Check out his blog post and see if any of his experiences sound familiar.