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What’s trending this week

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

It’s that trending round-up time again, this week featuring politically-minded pups and a baby changing table guide. Enjoy.


Humans aren’t the only ones who are speaking out against Brexit. This past week we’ve been hearing what pups had to say about this topic. Owners have taken to twitter and shared stories from their pets under #DogsagasintBrexit. Here’s what a few doggos had to say:

Fortnite stops working across the globe…

Players of the popular video game Fortnite were all shocked and unsettled when the game stopped working for two days. With no real explanation, the game abruptly went to a black screen, and stayed that way. Trending memes sweept the web under #Fortniteblackout as players across the world stared at their empty screens wondering when, if ever, Fortnite would come back. (It did.)

Fortnite trending blackout

This dad who falls to the baby fever trap…

It all hits us. Whether you see a super cute baby at the shops, or your own little one is so adorable that you think, “Yep, I could totally have another one.” @DaddyGrownUp shares this feeling.

Budget baby changing tables…

Staying on budget is always a trending topic amongst parents. The New Dad has shared his take on the perfect baby changing table set up. For parents who are looking for a new changing table or ways to improve an old one, check out his blog post for some great tips.

Changing tables