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What’s trending this week

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Sit back, relax and check out what you might have missed this week on the internet, including birthday celebrations, World Prematurity Day and of course, dads just like you.

Happy birthday, Mickey Mouse…

On 18th November Mickey Mouse celebrated his 91st birthday. The Disney favourite character made his debut in Steamboat Willie 91 years ago, which was also one of the first cartoons with sound. Happy birthday, Mickey!

Mickey Mouse's birthday one of the trending stories this week.

Havana celebrates 500 years of history…

The capital city of Cuba was founded by Spanish conquerors 16th November, 1519. Cuba celebrated their capital with fireworks and music as people took the streets to celebrate their heritage.

Pampers pledges its largest donation yet…

In honour of World Prematurity Day, Pampers donated hundreds of thousands of premature nappies to UK hospitals. This is in partnership with Bliss Charity, a leading charity for babies born premature in the UK. They are ensuring that each premature baby has access to Pampers line of premature nappies.

Trending across twitter this week was #PampersforPreemies where Pampers donated a premature nappy to a UK hospital for every tweet.

Pampers for preemies trending story

We can all understand this dad’s new point of view…

We’re all guilty of saying, “I’ll never do this… when I’m a parent.” But actually becoming a parent has a way of changing our outlook on things. Sometimes it takes whatever is necessary to make it through the day. Author of Sol of the Coliseum, Adam Gaylord, can vouch for this.