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What’s trending this week

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Check out what everyone’s been talking about this past week, from wildlife photography, sex and dating talk and a classic film remake were just a few of the highlights this week.

Two mice take Wildlife Photographer of the Year…

Sam Rowley’s photograph of two mice fighting on a platform on the Underground, have taken an award for Wildlife Photography of the Year, beating 40,000 other submissions.

Two mice squabbling were one of the most trending topics this week.

Rick Moranis heads back to the big screen…

It’s been 20 years since the classic Honey I Shrunk the Kids landed. Rick Moranis decided to leave the Hollywood scene after the series ended to raise his children – but he has just confirmed that he will be taking part in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids remake. Woo hoo.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids

A house key.. A step towards independence…

When is the right age to trust your child with their very own house key? John Adams of Dadblog UK, talks us through his decision and how this can be the “key” to independence.

House and key

Sex and Dating as a Single Dad

Music.Football.Fatherhood is back with another podcast. With Valentine’s Day approaching, the topic was all about dating life for single fathers. Check out what these dads had to say below.

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