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Bugaboo reveals their Stardust travel cot

Bugaboo Stardust
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Last week, Bugaboo announced its one-second unfold Stardust travel cot to the world.

The Bugaboo Stardust is a new chapter for Bugaboo to help both parents and their children. This latest innovation combines aerospace technology with design ingenuity to create an ultra-comfortable, all-in-one, 1 second pop-up travel cot.

The Bugaboo Stardust is a sleek, ultra comfort travel cot with a simple one-second unfold. Designed with the brands trademark ingenuity and commitment to quality, Bugaboo has aimed to make the complicated, uncomplicated with the Stardust.

Key features include:

  • All in one design – the product’s unique design means it stays in one piece, requiring no assembly.
  • Built-in comfort – it has a built-in, multi-layered mattress that provides comfort and support to encourage longer naps. For newborn babies, the pop up cot comes with a zip in bed that can be positioned higher up to prevent parents having to lean over to pick up their child.
  • Made to move – the product’s super lightweight design and premium carry case means that it is easy to move from room-to-room, between grandparents and friend’s houses, or when travelling.

High-end product

Bugaboo’s Senior Lead Designer, Marco Nieuwenhuizen, said: “We’ve simplified the overall look to make sure the Bugaboo Stardust fits nicely in any room you put it in. All the fixings are hidden to make sure the design looks as clean and straightforward as possible.

“Our strollers definitely inspired the design of the Bugaboo Stardust. For example, the base joints function very similarly to those on our most popular strollers- the Bugaboo Fox and Donkey. We also adjusted the inner lining to reflect the design language used in the Bugaboo Ant. It’s little details like those that make this product so quintessentially Bugaboo.

“With the Bugaboo Stardust, we’ve designed another high-end product that, for the first time, is not directly linked to strollers but will come with the same quality and durability as parents have come to love. With this new product, we can play a more significant part in their everyday lives.

“The Bugaboo Stardust is designed so that parents can easily reach the fold buttons, but the child could never have access to them. Safety is at the heart of everything we build.”

The Bugaboo Stardust will be available from 25th August in stores and online and will start from £199.

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