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Parents More Worried About Their Children’s Health Than Ever Before

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

After a tumultuous year for the nation, a whopping 62% of parents in Britain are anxious about their children’s health.

New research by vitamin company, Nourished, has found that over half of parents give up the struggle to get their little ones to eat healthier, leading to stress and tears before bedtime.  

The reasons for children not enjoying healthy foods will be all too familiar to parents. 44% of kids claim to have tried healthy foods and not liked them, with 32% claiming they are full and can’t eat anymore, and 22% even saying the food “looks weird”.

Parents have plenty of other tricks up their sleeves to get their nippers to eat better – with 29% of them admitting to promising their children treats like sweets and chocolate if they eat the healthy food on their plate. 

Parents will also try to get their kids to eat healthier foods by blending fruit and vegetables into smoothies to make them less noticeable (28%) and even telling them that eating healthy food gives them superpowers (29%). 

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Top 10 Hated Healthy Foods

The top 10 healthy foods most hated by kids is below, with Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, spinach and avocado coming out on top:  

Brussels Sprouts 37% 
Mushrooms 35% 
Spinach 31% 
Avocado 28% 
Cauliflower 27% 
Broccoli 26% 
Tomatoes 23% 
Onions 23% 
Peppers 22% 
Sweet Potato 19% 

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