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Show Your Car Some Love On Valentine’s Day 

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Love might be in the air, but motorists across the UK aren’t extending much care to their cars, according to Bridgestone.

A survey conducted by the tyre giant amongst 2,000 drivers revealed that nearly three-quarters of motorists don’t check their treads or pressures, either never thinking about it, leaving it to the garage to do or asking their partners to check instead.

In addition, 27% of drivers admit to running tyres for up to 100 miles after they become illegal, with a further 8% continuing to drive on their tyres until they’re bald.

With Valentine’s Day nearly upon us, Bridgestone also discovered some car-related argument topics that could be fixed in a matter of seconds.

In a list of partner pet-hates, not putting the seat back (55%), leaving the music too loud (17%), changing the car temperature settings (17%) and not topping the fuel tank back up (14%) top the charts.

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