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Britax DualFix

britax dualfix
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

One of the first questions to be considered when buying a baby product is how easy is it to install? As parents, we are not only looking for guaranteed quality from an item designed to keep our children safe, but from something being used so often, we also expect a strong element of practicality.

The DualFix car seat from Britax met those expectations with ease.

First Impressions

The seat looked great from the moment we unpacked it, consisting of resilient fabric and a well thought-out structure. Meanwhile, installation simply involved pulling the straps until the ISOFIX anchorage points popped out and locating the ISOFIX in your seat align, then holding the straps and pushing until both clicked. Swivelling was just a case of pushing the grey button on the base and turning.

Despite the setting-up process being relatively easy, it is worth mentioning that holding the straps to keep the ISOFIX points firm before clicking into position does takes a fair bit of strength.


In terms of suitability, the seat allows for plenty of room and the 5-point harness intelligently disperses impact across the body – adapting to the size you need with a one-pull function. This is so much easier than having the rethread each time! The height-adjustable headrest is also an excellent addition.

Although the straps have enough length to get around a large child wearing a padded jacket, it is the extra protection along the side-wings that stands out as terrific safety design. The seat’s multiple recline functions also offer plenty of settings and it must be comfortable – my little one headed off to the land of sleep every time we hit the road.

Harness aside, the real star of this car seat show is the 360° degree seat rotation. In our opinion, there’s no doubt that this is a feature every car seat needs, significantly easing the strain on your back and reducing the chance of bumping your child’s head – not to mention your own.

The rotation also creates the option of being either rearward or forward-facing. Although this is obviously a decision to be made as your child gets older and depending on their comfort and safety in each position; the versatility of the DualFix means instead having to buy a new seat, you already have one capable of adjusting.

FQ Verdict

Whether you decide to leave your child rearward-facing until they’re four or feel comfortable switching earlier, having that freedom of choice really makes this product special.