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Eufy SpaceView baby monitor review

SpaceView Baby Monitor
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Eufy’s HD baby monitor is the perfect choice for keeping a sharp eye on your little one.

Home tech brand Eufy are better known for their impressive robot vacuums than they are baby monitors. But the SpaceView baby monitor, their first attempt at such a product, changes all that.

This is the world’s first in-home HD monitor, with a 720p real-time display that completely outstrips monitors running on 480p in terms of sharpness, colour and clarity. The black and white night mode is just as great, too.

Compare the defined 720p to the blurry 480p

Not only that, but the large, five-inch display screen is bigger than the usual 3.5-inch screens found on the majority of in-home baby monitors. This not only provides you with a superior viewing experience, it also gives you greater peace of mind overall.

Every inch covered

The fact that wide-angle camera pans 330-degrees and tilts up to 110-degrees, along with x2 zoom available, means that pretty much every inch of your baby’s room is covered by it. Especially with the interchangeable 110-angle wide-angle lens attachment that’s included.

It has a free easy-install wall mount that’s a doddle to use (or you can just place the monitor on a shelf). And the decent battery life gives you up to a good 12 hours with the display constantly on (or 24 hours in standby mode).

Plug in and go

The two-way audio – allowing you to hear and speak back to your child – is crisp and the monitor itself needs absolutely no setting up, which makes your life a busy parent much easier. All you need to do it plug it in and away you go.

Instant alerts come through for when you child is crying and needs you. Plus, it has a temperature monitor that lets you keep an eye on it in their bedroom, which is particularly handy for the more warmer and colder months.

The 460ft coverage area is excellent as well. For example, you can be in your back garden and still be in 100 per cent contact with your child – giving you greater versatility than other baby monitors.

If you’re looking for your first baby monitor, or in need of an upgrade, the Eufy SpaceView is a no-brainer.

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