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5 things to consider when booking a family holiday

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The sun in shining and it’s time to book your family holiday. But remember these things first.

I always find it useful to have a list of ‘must haves’ when researching holiday destinations to help simplify an otherwise uphill task.

Read on to see what I just can’t compromise on…

Cost and logistics

Most of us usually have a budget in mind when booking a holiday – that’s the straightforward part. The tricky part is the logistics. If your children love to run off in different directions, finding a contained travel arrangement would be the best. Look at limiting your time at busy train stations or airports and opt for a rent-a-car. Its also worth looking at travel distances. I would rather go somewhere close than venture too far out. Although, I would love to see Sydney Harbour or go on a South African safari, I’ve made my peace with the fact that it ain’t happening while the kids are still toddlers.


My husband always prefers to go somewhere that can teach the children something new. Travel experiences are probably the best source of exposure and knowledge. It’s fun to try and take your kids somewhere different to where you live, so they can hear different languages, try different foods and be exposed to unique cultural norms.


This is the holidaying crux: finding a place that has something to do for everyone. The more effort you spend researching this, the better your vacation will be. I tend to focus on water-based activities, be it the beach, a hotel with a swimming pool or even a lake. Children love it. Plus it tires them out, so they’re happier and calmer at dinner time. It’s also worth looking at locations with amusement or water parks that have something to do for everyone.


The weather is an unmissable factor in deciding where we go. Guess what we’re always looking for? Yup, sunshine! It just puts everyone in a better mood and makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. Although, a lot of my friends don’t feel like its as important and do end up having a wonderful time in places that are not that hot.

Let us know what your recommendations are when booking a family holiday.