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Football abroad: the best places to enjoy the World Cup

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Are you going away for the World Cup but unsure of where the best places to catch the games are?

With the World Cup looming closer, planning holidays has never been so stressful for some of us. Trying to work our bookings around important match dates, and finding the best places to catch the games abroad can be tricky.

A recent study shows that 45% of football fans plan their holidays around the World Cup, and 25% of enthusiasts research local things to do prior to their holiday, in order to keep the rest of the family entertained while they enjoy the football.

Pulls a sickie

The research, conducted by online travel agent Travel Republic reveals just how seriously UK fans take the Football, with 50% of fans admitting to calling in sick to work in order to catch a game. Those aged 18-24 are the most likely to do this, with 60% putting their job on the back burner in favour of the footie.

It feels like no matter where you are in the world, you are never too far away from another football fan. The research also shows that 31% of Brits choose their holiday locations and hotels based on whether or not they screen the football. So it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t be shouting at the screen alone.

Location location location

Finding the best places abroad to kick back and enjoy the game just takes a little research into the bustling bars and restaurants that are local to the area. Luckily, Travel Republic has done most of the hard work for you by creating a helpful destination guide. It details some of the best locations to enjoy the global celebration.

Before you book your summer holiday, check out the guide and be sure to bag yourself the best spot for the biggest sporting event of the year.