Campervan Getaways – Hitting the Road for Less

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The countdown to the Easter break has begun and new research shows retro campervan holidays are overtaking standard package holidays as the most desirable escape for British families.

According to the survey of 2,000 parents, conducted by award-winning insurer for campervans, motorhomes and caravans, Comfort Insurance, 42% of us are put off package holidays by the expense. Once flights, accommodation, food and insurance have been factored in, parents are looking at quite a cost, with 5 in 10 admitting they’ve avoided booking a much-needed holiday as a result.

Sixty-eight per cent of parents say they would choose a leisure vehicle holiday not only to save money and avoid airport stress and luggage restrictions, but also for the freedom, adventure and flexibility they offer.

With the increase in popularity of VW campervans over recent years and the potential to save over £10,000 compared to a standard family package holiday across an 18-year period, leisure vehicles have become a serious holiday contender.

The comforts of a ‘home from home’ are also proving a key factor in making it an increasingly popular lifestyle choice, as more than half of us admit to missing our home comforts on a traditional holiday. However, it’s not just gadgets, toys and clothing we want to take away with us – it’s our furry friends too! The family pet was one of the top three things children would most love to bring on holiday.

“It’s no surprise that leisure vehicle holidays have become more popular with British families, especially campervans and caravans. They give you the freedom and flexibility to go where you want and take what you want, and can save families thousands over the years. They’re a great investment and even allow you to take the dog with you to join in on the fun!” says Pete Cue, founder and director of Comfort Insurance.

Pete has also shared some top tips for saving even more money on your family’s leisure vehicle holiday:

Time of year

Travelling during certain times of the year will vary in cost. The peak season (between June and August) will generally cost more in comparison to May and September because most families plan to get away during the school holidays. Avoid these higher costs by planning your holiday during the low season.

Plan your route

Where you go affects the overall cost of a holiday, for example, it will be more expensive to visit a popular beach resort during the summer months instead of driving to a less well-known place. It’s important to plan your route and locations so that you can maximise the cost-effective places to explore.

Create an itinerary

Plan what you’re going to do each day of your holiday so you can allocate your spending budget accordingly. The cost of entry to local attractions, souvenirs, food and drink for the day and any other extras, can really add up! Planning what activities your family will be doing in advance gives you a much better idea of how much money you’ll spend.

Save on fuel

Selecting where you fill up is vital. Generally, supermarket fuel stations offer the cheapest prices. However, large chains are reacting and becoming more competitive with their pricing strategy.

Buying fuel at motorway services will no doubt be more expensive than any other fuel station – mainly because drivers have little choice but to stop there and refill, so you should definitely avoid these places if possible.

Look after your vehicle

Keep your motorhome, campervan or caravan well maintained and looked after (e.g. oil level, water level & tyre pressure). This will help to avoid any damages whilst on holiday which could ultimately save you having to claim on your insurance.

Cook family meals in your leisure vehicle

Aim to cook a few family meals in your leisure vehicle to avoid pricey meals out. Buying food from the supermarket could save you a lot of pennies!