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Gender Bias in interviews – HP expose the issue

gender bias and dads
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Technology company HP have taken a stance on gender bias in interviews and used dads and their daughters to tackle the issue.

As part of its Reinvent Mindsets campaign, HP asked dads to read generic interview tips for women they found online. They wanted to take gender bias by the horns. Sitting dads and daughters together, they chat about the advice given for women on the internet.

The video shows how gender bias in job interviews can be overwhelming, even if the interviewer claims there is nothing there. Some of the advice includes telling women not to wear too much make up and to “avoid dressing too much like a woman”.

Dads and daughters: revealing gender bias

Every dad wants to make sure their daughter is happy and treated fairly. That’s why equality is an important topic to tackle. Whether your daughter is 5 or 25, she needs to know that her dad champions her. By showing dads the kind of advice available to women about going to work, we can help teach girls that the nature of this advice is not right.

This is not the first video from HP to address equality. Previously they produce ‘Reinvent Mindsets: Let’s Get in Touch‘. It looked at African-American candidates who received the cold should of “we’ll be in touch” following job interview.

HP is pushing towards a more equal and diverse workforce. Through outreach efforts in collaboration with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) to the African-American community, to its campaign to bring awareness to unconscious bias. HP are continuing to change the standard of diversity and inclusion of their company. Not just be correcting the underrepresentation of women and other minorities. The are creating role models – people girls and boys can look up to.

We’re far from reaching a point of equality. At least HP are addressing the issue and sharing it with the public.