The Path to Success

path to success
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

From struggling artist to property mogul, Rob Moore explains how finding his passion helped him to become a millionaire.

Rob Moore always wanted to be a millionaire. Growing up with an entrepreneur father meant that Moore was inspired early on in life. Watching his dad in action sparked a desire to follow in his footsteps and make something of himself. All he had to figure out was how.

Today, the 38-year-old property mogul and entrepreneur, has retired three times, written 9 books and launched his own podcast. But Moore’s path to success wasn’t a straight one. Known as the ‘disruptive’ entrepreneur because of his need to shake things up, Moore isn’t one to stand still and play it safe. But in his younger years he admits to being uncertain about his path. “I didn’t have any clarity about what I wanted to do. I only went to university because if you were smart that’s what you supposedly do. It was a bit naïve now I think about it.”

Knowing his talents lay in art, and believing that he had to stick to what he knew, Moore made a decision to become a professional artist. However, like many artists before him he quickly learned that talent alone wasn’t enough. Without the marketing skills to promote and sell his work, he struggled to make ends meet. However, he doesn’t regret his choice, “It was a transitional phase that got me to where I am today.”

path to success

From artist to property mogul – Rob Moore

It was in a gallery in Peterborough, where Moore had displayed some of his artwork, that he discovered property investment. “I’d go in every couple of months and ask if they had a cheque for me and they’d either give me a tiny little cheque, or no cheque.” It was on one of these occasions that the gallery owner convinced him to attend his first property meeting and learn about property investment.

Despite his initial scepticism and concerns that this wasn’t his field of expertise, Moore agreed to attend a meeting. By the end of it he knew that he had found his niche. “The fire was lit inside of me. I felt like that young kid again.” It was at this meeting Moore met his future business partner, Mark Homer, co-founder of Progressive Property.

Once Moore had a goal, everything changed quickly. With a loan from his father, he was able to put a deposit down on his first property. Within two years this grew to fifty. By the time he was 31 he made his first million through property investment and was able to give his parents the first home he bought as a gift.

Despite the challenges he has faced in business, Moore thinks the greatest challenge is of the self. This is why his advice to future entrepreneurs is to ‘find your niche and start now’. “Too many people make excuses. Whether it’s evenings, weekends or one day a week. Start now.”

Moore recognises that there are risks to being an entrepreneur, but also believes that “if you don’t risk anything, you risk everything.” With a house in the Caymans and luxury sport cars to show for his efforts, it’s clear to see his risk paid off.

Moore’s lifestyle enables him to spend quality time with his children and take them with him around the world. His son is a talented golfer at six, a passion he has nurtured and encouraged. “The secret to life is that you can learn to do anything you want.”

Moore’s book ‘Money’ is out later this year and available to pre-order on Amazon. You can find out more about Progressive Property at