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Gay Pride: 7 things not to say to gay dads

Gay Pride
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Up to a reported one million people marched through London last weekend for Gay Pride’s 45-year anniversary in the UK.

To celebrate Gay Pride, here are seven things we think you should never ask gay dads…

Do you worry that your child will be gay?

No — do you worry your child won’t be gay? Worrying that a child might turn out gay only reaffirms the idea that being gay is wrong. It isn’t. And your child won’t be either.

Do you hope your child will be gay?

Nope. Having a child doesn’t mean automatically adding an extra one into the global gay pot. Rather than hoping for children to be one thing or another, help them to figure out who they are, not who we want them to be.

How is your kid going to learn sports?

Clearly you think that gay men are inherently rubbish at sports. But before you decide that gay men were born without the athleticism gene, go ahead and google “gay sportsmen and women“.

Out of the pair of you, who’s ‘daddy’?

Neither. A child doesn’t need a ‘mummy and daddy’ to be happy. All they need is loving and a supportive family.

How did you conceive?

Keep your snout out.

Who’s the ‘real’ parent?

This is just a rehashed,“How did you conceive?” Also, it’s more offensive, implying that one partner is somehow less of a “real” parent. The answer to your question is, “We’re both the real parents”.

Are you worried people will tease your child?

Perhaps, but kids are teased all the time by their peers. For things like having braces, wearing glasses, their clothes and pretty much everything else.  This is no reason not to have a child. If that was the case, nobody would have kids. Period.

Here’s to another 45 years of Gay Pride!