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Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Rotary

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Are you looking for Father’s Day gift suggestions?

Rotary watches has all the answers for you!

With a heritage since 1895, British designed watch brand Rotary offers accurate, reliable, high quality timepieces that are cherished from one generation to the next. 

As a household name, the watchmaker has consequently developed a reputation for quality in horology around the world.

First originating in Switzerland, it moved its headquarters to the United Kingdom in 1905 and today the company stays true to its historic values of craftsmanship and more than 125 years in watchmaking.

Over time, Rotary has achieved true horological feats that have been treasured and housed within an archive.

The gift selection below covers a wide range of styles to suit any budget.

All watches featured are under £250.

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