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Top 5 board games for kids

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Ever wonder what to do with your children? Try these board games to liven up your family afternoon.

As another record breaking winter appears to be approaching, the temperatures are already beginning to reach unbearable lows. But just because playing outdoors for longer periods of time becomes a less than enjoyable pastime, it doesn’t mean your kids have to hang around doing nothing – or worse, spend their whole time glued to a screen.

Instead, why not give a good old-fashioned board game a shot? They can be educational, fun, and guarantee a smashing time when played well, allowing your family some valuable bonding time. We’ve gathered five of the best board games to play with your children today.


Jenga is the ultimate board game to teach your kids concentration, dexterity and yes, also a bit of frustration. As the tower grows increasingly higher and unstable, almost everyone is bound to feel entangled by the excitement as you wonder who will bring it to its fall. Give it a try even with older children. It’s difficult to stay indifferent about this all-time classic.

Hoot Owl Hoot!

Especially suited for children aged four to five, Hoot Owl Hoot is a fun game which teaches your kids simple problem solving and team working skills. It’s a colour-matching game in which the players help the owls return to their nest before the dawn of day.


Splendor is a mysterious board game of chip-collecting and card development for children aged 10 and older, especially those who pride themselves with a certain finesse and sly nature. The players are merchants of the Renaissance who try to lead a successful business to acquire the most prestige points. Strategic planning is a must!

Thinkfun Robot Turtles

This fun coding board game is suitable for children as young as four, teaching them basic computer programming skills, with the option of increasing difficulty as they grow older. Players instruct their Robot Turtle by playing the correct code cards with the goal of collecting a jewel. It’s a great way to acquaint your children with the mysteries of coding. This game is a must.

7 Wonders

The popular strategy game for children aged 10 and upwards is still excellent in 2018. The players represent the leaders of one of the seven great cities of the Ancient World and strive to affirm military supremacy by gathering resources, developing commercial routes and building an empire. Your kids will be immersed in the wonders and history of antiquity while also training their planning and strategy skills.