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Cereal Reinvented

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Check out ELEAT, a new UK-based healthy cereal brand.

Since the company’s inception, it’s been on a mission to reinvent cereal by providing a balanced, high protein cereal with no compromise on taste or convenience.

The firm spent 18 months developing the product. Over countless industrial trials ELEAT tried and tested numerous recipes until it eventually hit the jackpot with four mouth-watering flavours.

Whether you’re an irregular jogger, regular gym goer, office worker improving your diet or even a professional sportsperson – ELEAT is there to be the supportive constant to help you.

Whilst there’s no doubt ELEAT is the new performance breakfast, who doesn’t love cereal at different points in the day? That’s why the company has created different packaging formats.

So, whether it’s breakfast at home, as an afternoon snack, or a post dinner treat – ELEAT has got you covered.

As you can see from the pictures, we love it, and we hope we’ve given you a taster about this new product, guys?

If we have whet your appetite, then find out more about ELEAT’s cereal by clicking here.

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