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5 football betting strategies to use when gambling

Football betting
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Enjoy a handful of tips to improve your chances of winning on football bets.

Football betting is worth more than £1.4 billion – would you like to get a piece of some of that cash?

It may not be as quiet as difficult as you think. However, you need a strategy when wagering on football rather than just betting on games, players and teams willy nilly. Football fans are gearing up for the next round of Premier League matches, with Manchester Utd v Arsenal the big fixture to watch out for. Bettors can wager on the game with Ladbrokes and bet on the team they believe will win.

But how do you win more money betting on football? Follow these five football betting strategies…

Don’t bet on accumulators

Accumulators are an attractive football bet. They are popular as you can win a large sum of money from a small bet. However, wagering on accumulators is very difficult as you must select the bets accurately. You must get all the selections correct to win the bet. If you want to wager on the latest Premier League matches, this article can help you bet on the upcoming set of fixtures. You should make single bet selections as they are far more accurate ways to wager on sports than making large accumulator bets.

Anytime goalscorer

The number of betting firm adverts shown during Premier League matches can be nauseating. You will often see adverts for the first goalscorer or last goalscorer of a match. Picking the correct first goalscorer of a match from 22 players is incredibly difficult. By selecting a player to score anytime, it gives you the chance to win the bet over the course of 90 minutes. For example, a mere own goal in the opening five minutes could kill a first goalscorer bet. So be sure to go with an anytime goalscorer bet.


The over/under bet is a great alternative to the traditional 1×2 bet. This is a perfect bet when you have two evenly matched teams in which it is difficult to pick a winner. Be sure to check out the recent results of each team to also see just how well they are performing before making an over/under bet as well.

Both to teams to score

Similar to the over/under bet, both teams to score is great to wager on when you have two teams that are evenly matched and good in front of goal. Do your homework on this football bet and see just how well each team is playing. Their recent results can be a major indicator of whether or not to bet on both teams to score.

Bet the draw

There is a popular strategy in which football bettors chose to wager on draws. Many professional bettors that use the draw strategy like to bet on ties due to the value offered by sportsbooks. One of the important things to do when betting the draw is to look over the league and teams you are going to wager on. Look for trends and patterns that occur in the results of the teams and select the ones that are most likely to draw. You should be able to find patterns on teams to wager on, get great value, and win profits on football betting. And if football’s your thing, here are the greatest England football songs of all time.