Has James Maddison Been the Premier League’s Signing of the Season So Far?

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With the 2023/24 Premier League season now well underway, the effect of James Maddison’s signing is already being felt. In fact, you could even say that he has become the Premier League’s signing of the season, which feels weird, as only a few months ago all the attention was directed at Declan Rice’s signing for Arsenal.

While that signing was big news – Declan Rice has already forged a heroic reputation while at West Ham – the impact is yet to be truly recognised. So far in the Premier League, Arsenal have had a solid but lukewarm start, with wins over Man Utd, Crystal Palace, and Nottingham Forest. But their draw with Fulham left a lot to be desired, and being fifth in the table right now, it’s fair to say that they haven’t really clicked in the way that we know they can.

The Season For Tottenham Hotspurs So Far

Tottenham Hotspur, on the other hand, have had thousands of fans flock to buy tottenham tickets after their last few games. They started their campaign with a hard-fought 2-2 draw with Brentford, and since then they have had wins over Man Utd, Bournemouth, and Burnley – with Maddison responsible for 2 goals in total. The Burnley game, specifically, was where Maddison really shined. He was known as a playmaker before, and his time at Spurs has only further cemented that.

Maddison dominated the field, bringing in a significant threat from creative play and dangerous set pieces. That’s where he differs from Rice, and why he could prove to be the definitive signing so far this season. In many ways, Rice is joining a team of playmakers. One of the best things about Arsenal is their spontaneity, and willingness to play with the ball, but if there’s anything that’s been missing from Tottenham Spurs’ game, it’s spontaneity.

Forging A New Path For Spurs

Under their last leadership, Spurs had ultimately become predictable, almost reserved, as if they were always holding off firing their shot. This didn’t work too badly for them, especially with Harry Kane on the field, who was always there to lift and inspire his men. But since Harry Kane left Spurs for Bayern Munich, there was every chance that Spurs would slump. Of course, the congratulations cannot only go to Maddison. This is a team sport, after all, and every member has been having a stellar season so far. Not only this, but with Ange Postecoglou at the helm, there is clearly a new look Spurs that he wants to push through.

But Maddison could be the signing of the season because he is the key to pushing that through. While playing for Leicester, he was the one on the field who would always look for options, and he has a true flair for exposing the opponents’ weaknesses and taking advantage. This is exactly what he’s been doing for the Spurs, and it has turned them into a team that is hard to predict. With opponents not really sure where to look and where to run, Maddison could be vital as the season continues and Spurs look to make some more history.

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