Audi A7 review

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The complete comfort and power of Audi’s five-door coupe is enough to slap a big grin on your face.

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Fancy a car that does 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds? Need one with five seats and a big boot so you can still use it as family transport? Well, you could do far worse than an Audi A7.

This five-door coupe has “executive” written all over it – but who cares when you can chew through hundreds of miles without feeling shattered?

You might care when you see the price, though. The A7 on test here, (admittedly with a few extras) costs over sixty thousand pounds. But, if you have the cash, or you’re high-management material with the model on the company car list, then why not?

Roomy drive

You see, the brand with the four interlocking rings knows how to make driving a pleasure rather than a chore. It also builds cars to last – inside and out. The sheer comfort and power delivered by the A7 will make you smile – even on a miserable Monday morning commute.

Also, if image is your thing, you’ll look instantly successful behind the wheel of an Audi – especially one as sleek as the A7. You’ll get positive remarks from other parents on the school run, too. That’s because it’s not a car oozing arrogance – unlike some other German brands. Instead, it radiates sophistication and good taste.

On the practical side of things, it’ll fit three people into the rear seats – and the 535-litre boot will swallow all their luggage – and more. Okay, my three kids had enough space, but a trio of adults might be a bit tight in the back. Still, it’s a roomy motor, considering it’s a coupe or “Sportback” as Audi likes to call it.

It’s not the most economical of cars, but what 3.0-litre V6 286ps lump is? So, expect mid to late 30smpg with CO2 emissions of 147g/km. That’s still reasonable for such a big unit, and the A7’s smooth engine and auto gearbox more than make up for any extra stops at the pumps. 

Add four-wheel drive into the mix, and you have a car that’s sure-footed in all weathers. That alone is a big selling point – especially for drivers in the UK.

Fast Facts – A7 Sportback 50 TDI Quattro 286PS S line Tiptronic as tested:

  • Max speed: 155mph
  • 0-60 mph: 5.7 seconds
  • Combined mpg: 37.7-39.2
  • Engine layout: 2967cc, V6 turbo diesel
  • Max. power (PS): 286
  • CO2: 147g/km
  • Price: £65,955

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