People From Truro, Norwich And Gloucester Are The Clumsiest Phone Users

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

According to the latest research, people from Truro, Norwich and Gloucester are the most likely to damage or lose their phones

The top 10 UK cities for clumsiest phone users, based on the number of claims versus the population, are as follows, according to new customer data research from phone insurance brand, SO-SURE. 

1.    Truro 

2.    Norwich 

3.    Gloucester 

4.    Chester 

5.    Preston 

6.    Salisbury 

7.    Bath 

8.    Belfast 

9.    Chelmsford 

10.  Southampton 

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The research also found that iPhone owners are the UK’s clumsiest, with Apple users making 58% of all claims, despite the iPhone only representing 43% of the UK’s phones. The most claimed for phone was the iPhone X. 

On the other hand, Nokia and Sony users were considerably less likely to claim, with less than 1% each of claims for these brands, despite each representing 3% of the UK mobile phone market. 

The most common causes for claims were accidental damage (83%), accidental loss (10%), breakdown (3%) and theft (3%), with the overall claims figure for the UK over £422million. 

The research also looked into some of the more unusual causes for claiming, with dogs damaging £8million of mobile phones each year in the UK and shopping (£25m), driving (£24m), running (£11m) and cycling (£9.6m) among other leading causes of phone loss or damage. 

Dropping our phones caused the most damage, totaling £141million of claims each year, closely followed by £88million of claims for phones that simply “fell”. 

SO-SURE also looked into which age group are clumsiest with their phones, with 25 to 34-year-olds representing 46% of claims, followed by 18 to 24-year-olds with 24% of claims. Over-55s were the least likely to claim, with just 4% of claims coming from them. 

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