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Self-Warming Baby Bottle and Breast Pump
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Another innovative baby feeding product just hit our desks and it’s a bit a kit that’s sure to appeal to the gadget dad: the Yoomi Self-Warming baby bottle.

Okay, you’ve probably got to have a new baby knocking around the house somewhere to truly appreciate its ability to make life that little bit easier but nonetheless we think its great. It’s a bottle and warmer in one – a revolutionary concept in baby bottles. At the touch of a button, the warmer (which is rechargeable up to 100 times) gently warms cold feed to the natural temperature of breast milk, in just 60 seconds.
Once the warmer is placed in the teat, Yoomi is ready to use after 3 simple steps:
1. Press the orange button: This triggers the internal solution contained within the sealed warmer unit to gently heat itself up.
2. Wait 60 seconds.
3. Tip the bottle and it’s ready to use: When the bottle is tipped to feed baby, the cold feed flows through the specially designed channels on the outside of the warmer. By the time the feed reaches the teat, it’s at natural breast milk temperature (32-34°C). What could be easier?

Oh yes, and the Yoomi is 100% BPA free and has been designed so that the warmer can’t overheat baby’s feed. The warmer fits all Yoomi bottles and will stay warm for up to one hour. To make cleaning and recharging extra easy, the Yoomi warmer fits any standard electric steam steriliser (but please don’t use it in microwave sterilisers).
The Yoomi bottle is ergonomically shaped for greater comfort and the naturally shaped, anti-colic teat helps reduce the likelihood of baby experiencing colic.

The added benefit of the Yoomi self-warming bottle is how it helps you to be a part of feeding time. Making the transition from breast to bottle can be a difficult one. Yoomi has made it easier for dads to be a part of this process.