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Bugaboo Buffalo Escape

Buffalo Escape
Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

The limited edition Bugaboo Buffalo Escape is a stylish, robust and versatile option for all-terrain use.

First Impressions

The Escape looks high quality and – despite being a strong all-terrain pushchair – definitely has that sleek Bugaboo look. The modern design has a masculine feel emphasised by the minimalistic yet slightly rugged style. It also comes in a special washed canvas Balsam Green, which looks great in all surroundings.

The seat is characteristically high and spacious, bringing baby closer to you and alleviating any fears that bigger children may grow out of the stroller too fast. The canvas tote bag, which also comes in the Balsam Green with faux leather brown handles, may be slightly more rounded than some parents prefer; but it definitely hits the mark in targeting both mums and dads.


The Escape is a large and sturdy stroller that inspires confidence whatever ground you’re tackling on your adventures.

The design clearly champions practicality as well as stunning style, centring on making it easy to take your child on all your escapades – be they up and down mud banks in a wood or bumping over the broken pavements of an inner city. The wheels also have excellent shock absorption, letting you travel in any weather.

Another plus, often neglected a little in all-terrain pushchairs, is that it’s relatively compact, with a one-piece fold making it easier to transport. This fold contributes to easy storage, alongside the useful self-standing option. Self-standing strollers tend to stay cleaner and in better condition, away from any grime or dirt on the floor, meaning you won’t be constantly cleaning it!

A truly great feature is the extendable canopy, which is effective at protecting your baby from both the sun and wind. For babies who are sensitive to sunlight and find it difficult to be exposed, or even those who simply like to sleep through walks, this canopy avoids the issues with muslins being draped over the pushchair and falling off.

The large basket is roomy, holding up to around 10kg, and almost uniquely, has been passed to hold weight on the handle without becoming unbalanced. The tote bag can be used with the pushchair and is a smart way, both in style and practicality, of carrying the things you need for your travels.

Bugaboo prides itself on its useful one-hand steering and smooth 360 degree turns, and the manoeuvrability here is actually quite remarkable. This ease of use makes pushing your child in the Buffalo Escape a really enjoyable experience!

FQ Verdict

The Bugaboo Buffalo Escape offers a truly versatile option for dads who like exploring different landscapes. It feels robust yet classy, inspiring confidence that it will last through the years while your little one joins you wherever you want to go.