70 Years of the Matchbox Brand! 

Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Mattel is commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Matchbox brand.

To celebrate, a line of limited-edition vehicles are being introduced, paying tribute to Matchbox’s heritage of inventing detailed and realistic vehicles that have inspired generations of kids.

The celebratory line will include 70th anniversary die-cast vehicles, featured in seven different assortments across the Matchbox range, all honouring the anniversary with special platinum details. These selections are a combination of collector favourites and iconic vehicles spanning seven decades and regions around the world.

Individual 70th anniversary die-cast vehicles will be rolling into retail throughout the year and will be available throughout Matchbox’s 2023 die-cast product line.

Conceived in 1953 by English engineer Jack Odell, a vehicle mechanic for the British Army in World War II, Matchbox reinvented the toy vehicle category with a revolutionary scale, affordable price, and mass availability for consumers.

For more information on the Matchbox 70th Anniversary, click here.

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