Four Halloween Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating Fun

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Trick-or-treat! We’ve rounded up four tips to keep your little ones safe this Halloween.

Halloween can be a blast, and let’s not forget the endless sweets the kiddos bring home. Read on to find out how to keep trick-or-treating safe for the entire family.

Keep it bright

While black is a main colour of most costumes, if you’re out and about at night you want keep your children in colours that can be seen. Bright colours will help them to stand out to other pedestrians and cars. If the costume doesn’t allow for bright colours, bring along glow sticks or flashlights keep some light around.

Children Halloween costumes

Ditch the masks

Masks can be an essential part of most costumes. While they are fun and are definitely a major costume piece, they can be dangerous to wear outside. A mask can often inhibit a child’s ability to see and hear traffic, especially if you are trick-or-treating at night. Instead of using a mask, try a cool face painting instead. Trust us, a good face painting can be just as spooky.

Halloween face painting

Check all the sweets

Halloween is all about the sweets. Checking each one may seem like an obvious step, however it is a crucial safety tip parents tend to overlook. Check each piece that your child receives before allowing them to eat any. For children with allergies this is even more important. Do not allow your child to eat anything that does not have a list of ingredients, is not completely sealed, or anything that just looks iffy to you.


Emergency identification

Secure your child’s name along with your contact information either on your child’s costume or on bracelet. This ensures that if you and your child are separated someone will be able to contact you. This may also be a good time to teach your child their home address and phone number.

If you’re hosting trick-or-treaters at your home check out this list of ways to make your home safe this Halloween.