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How social media presence affects your future career

Social media
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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Learn why an unprofessional social media presence can hinder your chances of finding the right job.

Social media is the perfect platform for expressing opinions. Voicing your thoughts on Liverpool’s chances of winning the Premier League or even politics is fine, as long as you are doing it in a friendly and inoffensive way. A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t say it out loud in a quiet lift, then don’t post it on social media.

How you behave on social media is an insight into you as a person, and it is why employers are running to browse your social media channels before offering you an interview or a job opportunity. So how exactly does your social media presence affect your chances of securing your dream role?

Social media can help you

Most people run to the fact that social media can stop you from getting a job. However, it can also help you get a job, which is something people often ignore. Let’s imagine you just applied for a few jobs in Liverpool using JobRapido and now employers are scrolling through your Facebook profile and comments about Liverpool’s league results. How did you handle rude comments from other fans? Were you willing to listen to other people’s perspectives? Did you concede points to other comments that made valuable input? Social media can shine a light on how you interact with others and that is extremely important to employers who need team players that work together.

Social media don’ts

Of course, your employer is predominantly checking your social media to see the type of person you are when not trying to impress them. Many things can go against you and stop you getting the job, including:

  • Swearing and foul language
  • Offensive language
  • Inappropriate pictures or videos
  • Lying and bullying others
  • Negatively talking about past employers or colleagues

Before applying for new jobs, it is important that you think back to your younger days. Did you say or post anything that would not be accepted today? Cleaning up your social media profile requires you to scroll back years and there are even professionals services that can do this for you now.

After landing the job

Just because you got the job and survived the social media patrol from your new employer does not mean you can behave any way you like on social media. Lots of people have been fired because of social media posts and there is also the chance that you will be applying for other jobs in the future and more employers will be checking out your online presence. Some companies will even include terms within your contract stating you cannot talk about the company or colleagues on social media.

The bottom line is be a good person in the interview room and behind the keyboard. Keep your social media professional, and of course, keep sharing those delicious dessert photos.