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Why being a fit parent is important

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Written by Tim Barnes-Clay

Why is being a fit parent usually low on our priority list?

Mainly because being a parent is a full-time job – with no holidays! It’s usually an uphill climb to find some time for ourselves, be it to hit the gym or simply go for a run.

When you do manage to fit some exercise in, you’ll be a far happier and fitter parent. If you embrace a healthier and active life, not only will it set a good example, it will also encourage your children to take on a healthy lifestyle with much more ease.

No man left behind

Keeping up with your children gets harder as they grow up. I have a daughter that loves to go swimming and enjoys walks in the park. Some kids are into sports and love being outdoors. If you are not fit enough to enjoy these activities with them, you will be left behind. Staying fit will help you participate in their activities and passions with much more vigour.

ME time

Exercise is also a wonderful way to enjoy some me time. Becoming fit doesn’t mean that you need to make it a boring chore – it can be a lot of fun. The next time you have some free time, think about investing in yourself. Do something you enjoy. That could be joining a gym for some of us, or a sports club or even a relaxed yoga class. If you’re serious and you look around, there are plenty of fun options.

I must also add that any form of exercise is the best stress buster out there. After you’ve exercised, the endorphins released are bound to make you feel lighter, happier and slightly less stressed out.

Setting the tone

Becoming fit requires us to change our diets and lifestyles – bringing about a change not only in our own lives but also in our families. If you choose to have an apple over a crunchie bar, chances are your child will do the same. What you stock in your pantry will not only benefit you, but also your children.

You are your child’s role model, setting a good example will earn you both major benefits in the future.