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Role Model Dad – Why Daughters need their Dads

It is common for us to hear how boys need strong male figures in their life, but what about being a role model to your daughter? Having a positive relationship with your daughter can have a huge impact on her life. A father can...

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Doula what? A guide for clueless Dads

Who needs a doula when you’ve got a dad? Our guide shows you how to be the best doula in town. In case you aren’t aware, a doula is someone who supports a mum and family before, during and after birth. (Yeah, we know...

Being Dad


My daughter is four months old. Whenever I sneeze, she jumps (then sobs). So I know her hearing works. So I’m pretty confident she can hear me muttering monotonously away, reading Marcel Proust out loud to her as she lies...

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